Important Updates for Australian Partner Visa

 Australian partner visa has faced certain changes for the 2020-21 Migration Program year. For the good news, there will be an 81% increase in partner visa allocations and there will be 72,300 places available for partner visas. This will definitely bring relief to a lot of people who are waiting to get their partner visa approved.    As we know that Partner visas are one of the visas for which you don't need to be proficient in English. However, from the next year, a partner visa will face a new English language requirement.         Australian Immigration policy has clearly stated that    "From late 2021, new partner visa applicants and permanent resident sponsors will be required to have functional-level English or to demonstrate that they have made reasonable efforts to learn English" ----The Hon Alan Tudge   MP    To prove functional English proficiency, you may have to prove evidence of study in English,or made a certain score on an English test or have a

The Australian Government have started granting Student Visas

 The Australian government has introduced a new migration update for the year  2020-21. Though the migration quota will remain at 160,000   for the coming year program, the distribution of the quota will change.     Australian Student Visa brings a major contribution to the Australian economy as well as to Australian society. To limit the impact of Covid 19 on a Student visa, the Federal government has introduced 5 major changes, which will help the students to continue their studies. It will be applicable for students who are currently in Australia and those who are outside Australia and can not travel to Australia due to Covid 19. 5 major changes in Student Visa: You can get your Student visa granted : The Australian Government has started granting Student Visas to offshore students so that when restrictions are lifted and borders are reopened, students can have a visa and students can arrange to move to Australia. You don't have to pay any visa application charge for further stu

Australian Immigration & Ways to get Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency in Australia or any other country in general is meant to give you,lots of facilities as a citizen of that  country should be getting,however not all.   As a permanent resident,you can stay ,work  and study in Australia for an indefinite period of time. You can enroll in Australian National Health care schemes like Medicare and even sponsor eligible relatives to apply for Permanent Residency in Australia.   Most commonly chosen ways to apply for Permanent Residency in Australia is through the Family Visa ,Skilled Visa and Employer Sponsored Visa.  Family Visa :You can easily migrate to Australia,under any of the Family Visas(i.e Parent Visa,Partner Visa,Child Visa),provided you have the required and valid documents to prove the genuinity of that relationship with an Australian permanent resident or a citizen of Australia.Even dependent relatives and adopted children from overseas come under this category.On the grounds that you have to give a long term support to you

COVID 19 is not stopping Australian Immigration process for Skilled Migrants

     COVID 19 pandemic is bringing a lot of changes and restrictions in many countries, throughout the globe. However, when it comes to Australia, they are not stopping their immigration process, mainly for Skilled Migrants. The temporary Travel-Ban, which has been introduced from 20th March is mainly applicable for the temporary visa holders and the non-citizens of the country. This is made just to reduce the entry of foreign migrants in the country, to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus. But, when it comes to Skilled Visa, it plays a very important role, by bringing in migrants, who can help in the country's growth and economy by fulfilling in the supporting jobs.        To apply for this Skilled Visa, first of all, you need to have your occupation, listed in the Skilled Occupation List, secondly, you need to get your skill assessed by the Skill Assessment body. During this COVID 19 pandemic, these assessments are done online by the Skill Assessment bodies like VETASSESS and A

COVID 19 & its Impact on Student Visa

    Student Visa   plays a very important role in Australia and the Australian economy. It is needless to say that the country earns more than millions of dollars from the student migrants, who come to study in the country and how they support jobs in different areas, which is also important. As per the instruction, given by the Australian Department of Home Affairs, there are certain things, that a student migrant in Australia needs to follow, to keep the process, safer and also competitive, during this COVID 19 pandemic.  A student, who wants to migrate to Australia and study can still continue to apply for Student Visa, which will get granted by the Australian government. Once the border re-opens, they can definitely immigrate. If in case, the student migrant is in Australia, and he or she can not complete his or her study in the country, because of COVID 19 pandemic, that international student can apply for a further student visa application free of cost.    S tudying online from w

COVID 19 and its Impact on Australian Immigration

         In this present scenario,   the entire world is facing continuous threats due to COVID 19 , for which things are not functioning the same way as it used to be. People are trying their best to maintain social distancing and the country governments are taking measures to educate their country people about this virus, and take all necessary actions for their safety.   When immigration is concerned, it means that an individual from a different country is going to migrate to that country and vice versa. So, it is obvious that the country's government should be well concerned that their country people are not going to get infected with the virus coming from these new migrants. Travel ban       Taking all these things into consideration, for the further safety of the country people, the government of Australia has introduced a Travel Ban,  which is mainly applicable for the Temporary visa holders and the non-citizens of Australia.  Limitations of Travel Ban          That means, i

Skilled Migration Visa Consultants in Brisbane

  Australia is a country,where being a Permanent Resident,you can enjoy lots of benefits,like  Medical benefits for yourself and your family members Free education for your children Being a Skilled Professional,you can shift there with your children and family members. After three years of permanent residency,,you can apply for Australian citizenship.   Generally,skilled professionals are mostly in demand in a country like Australia,and the country has introduced various Visa categories under Skilled visa.     So,if you are a skilled professional and you want to migrate to Australia,           Speak with one of our registered skilled visa consultants in Brisbane ,who can really show you the right way and guide you till the end,by helping you select the right visa option and can prepare you accordingly.